SHED Seasonal Pantry Share



Our new SHED Seasonal Pantry Share offers a special collection of pantry provisions in four installments, complete with exclusive products, cooking tips, and other surprise delights.

From the more delicate preparations of spring to the comforting, hearty recipes in cooler months, we invite you to explore the diversity of the seasons with us. This exciting offering is limited to the first 100 subscribers and will ship at the beginning of each season.

Winter 2017/2018 Share 

Example Components: SHED Meyer Lemon Shrub; SHED Pomegranate Jam; SHED Vadouvan, Harissa, Ras el Hanout Spice Blends; SHED Housemade Polenta; SHED HomeFarm Balsamico; Sonoma Walnuts and Nutcracker; SHED Olio Nuovo.

Spring 2018 Share 

Example Components: SHED Japanese Spice Blends; SHED Shiso Salt; SHED Kumquat Preserves; SHED Shiitake Mushroom Pickles; SHED Plum Shiso Shrub; Dashi Ingredients; Koda Farms Rice.

Summer Share to ship beginning June 2018.

Example Contents: SHED Charred Eggplant Powder, Niçoise Olive Powder, Smoked Onion Powder; SHED Rosemary and Fennel Pollen Salt; SHED Blackberry Jam; SHED Peach Shrub; Farro Verde; SHED Honey.

Fall Share to ship beginning September 2018.

Example Contents: SHED Padron Powder; SHED Salts and Peppers; SHED Fig Jam; SHED Quince Shrub; SHED Pickles; Wild Rice; Dried Hominy; Freshly Ground Corn Meal; Dried Chilies; SHED Chai.

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