Vegetable Storage Bags

Fresh and crispy for longer

$20.00 - $25.00


An easy and earth-friendly way to store produce and keep it fresh and crispy for longer. To use, simply dampen the bags, fill with produce and place in the fridge. Spritz the bag with water as needed to keep it moist and maintain humid conditions, and the contents inside will stay fresh for a week or more.

These 100% organic cotton bags are crafted in North Carolina from super-soft french terry, and are machine washable. Available in a 11" x 12" size for produce like radishes and broccoli, and a 14" x 17" size for produce like cucumbers and carrots. 


Short: 11" x 12" Long: 14" x 17"


Wash and tumble dry on no or low heat. High heat will cause the bags to shrink.

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