Wool Drying Mat & Linen Sleeve

Keeps counters dry.



Now comes with linen sleeve!

The natural alternative to micro-fiber, this wool drying mat naturally resists mold and mildew, and absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, for clean, beautiful countertop drying. Easy to trim to fit your space. 100% Pozzi Wool is sourced from family ranches in Northern California and is dye-free.

Care: The Dish Drying Mat needs to fully dry between uses, which will naturally occur when kept on counter. If Dish Drying Mat is heavily used to the point of saturation, hang the mat between uses to increase air flow. If needed, Wool Dish Drying Mat may be spot cleaned with a mild soap in tepid water. Dry flat. Do not machine wash. Linen Sleeve may be machine washed and dried.


16" x 20"


Hand wash in luke warm water, dry flat.

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