De Buyer Medium Copper Sauce Pan

French gastronomic savoir faire



French manufacturer De Buyer has been making copper sauce pans for professionals since 1830, combining the beauty and conductivity of 90% copper exterior with an easy-care 10% stainless-steel interior.

These professional grade sauce pans handle the high temperatures needed for quick boils or low temperatures for slow simmers, making them ideal for everyday cooking. Finished with triple-riveted brass handles, these are heirloom-quality pots with clean, simple lines and exceptional longevity.

 Suitable for gas and electric ranges only, no induction.


2.6 qt capacity


Hand-wash interior and exterior with a non-metal sponge and mild dishwashing liquid. Hand dry with a cloth. To maintain a shiny finish on the copper exterior use a copper polish. For extra stubborn residue soak interior with water and dishwashing soap for half a day.

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