Unglazed Roasting Pot with Handle

Roast to perfection



This French earthenware roaster, known as a "Diable Phenix”, works like a stove-top oven to perfectly roast without the addition of external water, fat, or oil. Cooking potatoes and beets in their own moisture results in exceptional taste, while chestnuts and coffee beans can be roasted to perfection. 

For turning contents, simply invert the roaster without removing the lid, which is designed to cook on both sides without any heat loss. Handle the roaster with a potholder, as the handle will become increasingly hot. 

Founded in 1875, Poterie Digoin originated as a family founded business in the northern Loire valley, quickly establishing itself as the heart of the French kitchen. Each piece of Digoin stoneware is hand-shaped and glazed by artisans, bringing a bit of tradition into the modern home.

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4 Liter; 13" (to end of handle) x 8" x 7"


Allow to cool completely after use, and soak briefly in warm water to loosen any bits of food. To remove stubborn food, use hot water without soap and a gentle brush. Dry completely before use.

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