SHED Tool Holster

Cut and sewn by hand, for SHED



SHED's exclusive leather tool belt is thoughtfully designed for farmers and gardeners to carry essential work tools.

Handcrafted from thick, durable leather, this unisex holster sits comfortably on the hip, allowing comfort of wear and freedom of movement. Molded pockets are tough enough to withstand bladed instruments, and are sized to hold heavy-duty pruning shears, and other tools such as a horihori trowel, floral scissors, small knife, and pen with pad. A protected cell phone pocket caters to the modern farmer, keeping your technology safe, yet readily available with a quick pull on the release strap.

Hard hammered rivets and an adjustable belt with two copper d-rings add a handsome touch to this sturdy holster that can hold up to weather and rugged daily use. A right-handed holster is available now, with a left-handed version coming soon.

Crafted by Brittany Davis in Mendocino, California where each hide is individually selected for quality and character and then hand cut and stitched to order.

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Holster measures 12" H, 18" W from d ring to d ring, with a 33" strap.

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