Marble Mortar and Pestle

Develops flavors in a unique way



Pound garlicky pesto, grind spices, or make a table-side guacamole. The marble mortar and pestle is a culinary classic, revered for utilitarian beauty and functionality.

The heavy mortar is carved in Italy of fine Carrara marble, with a rough interior to assist with grinding. The pestle is crafted of beechwood, and fits the grip comfortably.

"A mortar and pestle develops flavors in a way that you just can't get out of a using a whisk or blender. An aioli made in a mortar in pestle is thicker, and much more intense compared to the same recipe that was processed in a blender." -Perry Hoffman, SHED Culinary Director.


Exterior: 9" diameter x 4" depth Interior: 5" diameter x 3.5" depth


Hand-wash and dry thoroughly after each use.

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