Million and Clark Knives Oak

Made on the California coast.

$130.00 - $205.00


A handmade knife in the most elegant of proportions from Million and Clark. Each blade is forged of high-carbon steel by a family business in Thiers, France, a region known for its centuries-long tradition of cutlery-making. The knives are finished in California with hand-shaped handles made from locally sourced domestic hardwood, and come with a heavyweight, 100% wool felted sheath. Available in 4 wood types: Oak, Claro Walnut, NW Pacific Yew, Madrone

As seen in Eater.

"The cutlery from Million and Clark are beautiful and functional. Not to mention they're affordable, rare, and from local makers."  - Perry Hoffman


Paring Knife - 8.5", Blade - 3.75"
Chef's Knife 5" - 9.75", Blade - 5"
Chef's Knife 8" - 12.25", Blade 8"


Sprinkle an abrasive on the blade and handle and scour with a scrub brush. Dry the knife completely and apply oil.

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