Sip, Shuck, Slurp

A gift for the true gourmand



A gift for the true gourmand, we have paired our favorite oyster shucking set with a class dedicated to the history, flavor profile, and preparation of oysters. Recipients will be delighted by this kit of a professional-grade rosewood and tempered steel shucking knife, natural leather hand protector, and a copy of The Essential Oyster.

Also included is one ticket to the February 17, 2018 oyster demonstration in the Healdsburg SHED Modern Grange, with a shucking and tasting of Pacific oysters, and an accompanying glass of bubbly. Guests will leave and be well on their way to becoming a master shucker.

Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, please include the recipient’s name in the “notes” section at checkout so we can add them to our class roster. Additional tickets may be purchased here.

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