Vinegar Crock, Dark Grey

A storied journey of culinary and medicinal uses

$15.00 - $160.00


Turn leftover wine into flavorful vinegar in a traditional French Vinegar Crock. Heavy and thick sided, this salt-cured stoneware vessel helps regulate the temperature of slowly fermenting contents.

The history of vinegar, sometimes called the "Elixir of Youth", is long and fascinating, with a storied journey of culinary and medicinal uses. “Vin aigre” (which roughly translates to “sour wine”) is the miraculous result of fermentation, and is used as a condiment, cooking liquid, and base for marinades, vinaigrettes, and pickling.

Simple to make at home, you can mix and combine flavors to create your own vinegar. Additionally, this crock is suitable for the preparation of a walnut or orange wine. A cork and wooden tap make it easy to decant your finished product into jugs, bottles, and cruets. Learn to Make Your Own Vinegar at Home.

Founded in 1875, Poterie Digoin originated as a family founded business in the northern Loire valley, quickly establishing itself as the heart of the French kitchen. Each piece of Digoin stoneware is hand-shaped and glazed by artisans, bringing a bit of tradition into the modern home.

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4.7 Liter; 8" Dia x 10.5" H

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