SHED Green Garlic Powder

From the SHED kitchen



A blend of green garlic, leeks, and Jacobsen Salt.

Chef's Notes: "With my background in fine dining, I've been using powders for 16 years. They're flavor enhancers. When you dehydrate produce, you concentrated the flavor of that element."       

This vibrant powder, made by dehydrating and then pulverizing green garlic and leeks, is perfect as finishing garnish on deviled eggs, frittata, risotto, and pasta. Also consider dusting for baking bread, pizza, flatbread, and crackers, or making a green garlic compound butter for seafood.          

SHED Pantry is an in-house collection of flavors inspired by our café kitchen, elevated by the palate of Culinary Director Perry Hoffman. A thoughtfully developed line of spices, powders, salt blends, peppers, preserves, pickles, and shrubs, SHED Pantry offers culinary essentials for the home cook.


1.5 oz

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