09/22/18 Cooking By Heart

$75.00 - $90.00


In a cooking rut? Join us for this hands-on class, where author Jessica Battilana will teach you a handful of simple, stunning recipes from her brand new cookbook, Repertoire: All the Recipes You Need. The book answers the age-old question, “What should I make for dinner?” with trustworthy, versatile and real recipes from real life that really work, all created with home cooks in mind.

We'll cook cheesy gougères from scratch, learn how to make a vibrant herb-packed salsa rustica to spoon over roasted carrots and burrata (or fresh tomatoes, roasted potatoes or dozens of other things), perfect a "flat roast" chicken with super-crispy skin, and whip up a meringue that is shatteringly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, then learn how to make citrus curd to spoon on top for a picture-perfect pavlova. In this two hour hands-on class you’ll learn recipes that help you master some of the most important techniques in the kitchen, helping you get comfortable building your own repertoire of dishes.

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