10/21/18 The Modern Panadería with Mariela Camacho



Mexico has a rich and often-unsung baking tradition. Mexican pastries, or pan dulce, are works of art that take incredible skill and technique to master. But panaderías often use low-quality ingredients to keep their wares affordable, so many people don't know just how delicious they can be. Seattle-based baker Mariela Camacho will be joining us for a class that will teach you the ins and outs of Mexican baking. Mariela's pop-up bakery, Comadre Panadería, uses local whole grain flours and natural fermentation whenever possible to create their inventive, nutritious pan dulce.

With Mariela's guidance we'll make chocolate- and fruit-flavored conchas, empanadas with nopales and queso Oaxaca, and alfajores (shortbread cookies filled with cajeta, or goat's milk caramel). No baking experience is required for this hands-on workshop, and guests will take home plenty of fresh-baked goodies!

Mariela Camacho has been a professional baker for over a decade. Her work is inspired by her experiences as a first-generation Mexican-American woman and and is rooted in environmental stewardship and mentorship of women and people of color. Mariela is also an experienced baking instructor, and has taught sold-out classes at the Pantry and the Not Without Salt shop in Seattle.

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