10/27/18 Cooking Heirloom Beans with Rancho Gordo's Steve Sando




Beans are the quintessential peasant food, but Napa-based bean company Rancho Gordo has showed us how flavorful, colorful, and delicious heirloom beans can be. They particularly shine when cooked in a clay pot, thanks to their porous surfaces that allow for heat distribution and flavor concentration. Rancho Gordo founder Steve Sando will be joining us for a hands-on workshop all about cooking beans in clay.

Steve will regale us with tales of the bean trail, glorify the unique textures and flavors of heirloom beans, and espouse the virtues of clay cookery. We'll work together to cook tasty beans, learn to prepare the ever-intimidating cactus paddle or nopal, and make our own tortillas and salsa. The class will culminate with our handmade lunch that reflects the holy trinity of Mexican cooking: beans, corn, and chilis.

We’ll also talk about clay cookware that we sell at SHED and learn about the special cooking qualities of clayware, especially for cooking beans. Class participants will receive 10% off in our shop, perfect for picking up a clay pot and a bag of Rancho Gordo beans.

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