9/15/18 A Celebration of Corn with Rafael Mier



Tortillas are the foundation of Mexican cooking, but most people have no idea what an authentic corn tortilla really tastes like. Industrial agriculture in the United States and Mexico has laid waste to corn's reputation; it's most widely known as a flavorless commodity crop. But it wasn't always like this—this humble grain is rooted in eons of history and tradition. A new generation of Mexican farmers, bakers, and artisans are working to revive corn as it was once known: as a flavorful, colorful, and nutritious powerhouse.

Join businessman, activist, and corn tortilla acolyte Rafael Mier for a celebration of corn. We'll be talking about corn's history and biodiversity and learning the nixtamalization process to release corn's flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits. Rafael will also teach us how to nixtamalize our own corn and make fresh tortillas.

Rafael Mier is the founder of the Organización de Tortilla de Maíz Mexicana, an organization that promotes better, more nutritious tortillas throughout Mexico. Rafael works with farmers, chefs, politicians, and eaters to revive this traditional staple and preserve heirloom corn varietals that are at risk of extinction.

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