Bates & Schmitt Apple Cider Syrup

How ‘bout them apples?



Apple cider syrup is simply an apple cider reduction that is an excellent alternative to sugar when canning.

This version is made from organic apples that are pressed into cider, which is then reduced to a seventh of its original volume. We recommend it on French toast and any apple based desserts, as well as a glaze for ribs or pork chops.

The Bates & Schmitt Apple Farm is an historic orchard that sits at the bottom of the Navarro River in Mendocino County. Since 1984, when the orchard was purchased, the family has worked to make it a place where people, plants, and animals can live and thrive together. By practicing sound farming techniques, the Apple Farm is helping protect a diminishing watershed. In addition to being certified organic, the Apple Farm is certified Biodynamic.


17 fl oz

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