Biodynamic Workshop 4



Honey Bees - Sister Beings

Biodynamic apiculture treats the honeybee nest as "One Bee-ing" in its formation and life gestures. This class will explore current issues to the health of bees, and asks what they and we need to survive together. Presented by Michael Thiele of Gaia Bees.

Gaia Bees is an educational platform and resource for a new approach to living with bees. We promotes alternative and bee-centered bee hive/nest designs and offer set up and care for "landscape apiaries".

SONY DSCFounder Michael Thiele is leading an innovative approach within the biodynamic apiculture movement and teaches in the United States and abroad. Through Gaia Bees, he provides and offers seminars and presentations.

In 2007, Michael co-founded "The Melissa Garden" (www.themelissagarden.com) in California, which was one of the first Honey Bee Sanctuaries in the US (now a pollinator sanctuary). His work is documented in various (inter-) national magazines, books and film documentaries ("Queen of the Sun").  In 2013, he began working as a consultant for the USDA in the Domincan Republic. He lives with his family in CA, USA.

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