Bunches and Bunches Fire Roasted Green Chile

An authentic taste of Mexico



Fire-Roasted Green Chile Sauce brings an authentic taste of Mexico to the home kitchen.

This sauce has the perfect combination of fresh fire-roasted chile spice and zest. It is made from tomatillos, four different chiles, onions, spices, simmered for hours and finished with fresh lime juice and fresh cilantro.

Simply heat and serve to use this sauce. Simmer over your favorite protein, use as a braise, sauce, condiment, or as your own secret ingredient to spice up any meal. Gluten free. Approximately 5 portions per container.

Bunches & Bunches Ltd. is a company based in Portland, Oregon, born from professional chef Tamalpais “Pai” Star Roth-McCormick’s passion for cooking and preparing delicious treats.


15 oz

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