Chamba Clay Cookware

Made traditionally in Colombia.

$69.00 - $98.00


A versatile vessel for cooking meats, stews, pulses, and more. Burnished by hand with stones and fired on-site to create a strong, deep black finish with a light glow. Completely non-toxic, made from lead-free clay and without glaze (the dramatic color comes from the clay itself). Recommended use: before cooking, season by filling three-quarters full with water and placing in the oven, uncovered, for thirty minutes at 400 degrees F. This will create a seal on the cookware, which is complete after several stovetop uses. Can be used directly on a heat source, including open fire.

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Bean Pot - 8"D x 10"H
Bean Pot - 10"D x 10"H
Roaster - 10"L x 9"W


Clean and wipe down with a soft cloth. Do not soak for long periods of time or place in dishwasher. Sudden changes in temperature (taking from the store directly to the refrigerator) are not recommended. Oven, stovetop, and microwave safe. Recommended use with a heat diffuser if not on gas stove.

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