Donabe Tajine

Cooks meat and fish to a perfect tenderness



“Donabe” translation clay pot in Japanese, and it’s one of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels. This versatile tagine-style donabe, or fukkura-san, can be used for stir-frying, steaming, roasting, smoking, and stewing.

The fukkura-san cooks meat and fish to a perfect tenderness, while sealing in all the good flavors. The grate inside the pot can be used to roast vegetables, or as a smoker when chips are added underneath. 

The special shape of this donabe also allows the lid to be used as a serving bowl. And its strong insulation makes it perfect for serving cold noodles, salads, and sashimi.

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12.5" diam x 7" h


Oven-safe, not suitable for induction or electric stovetop. Hand wash only.

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