El Yuca Habanero Sauces

From Mateo, our Healdsburg neighbor

$12.00 - $46.00


Healdsburg chef Mateo Granados has turned his green thumb into a mini-industry, harvesting homegrown chile peppers for his collection of El Yuca habanero sauces.

The sauces are made strictly by hand in small batches, from premium Sonoma ingredients like garden-fresh carrots, onions, Preston Vineyards olive oil, and white vinegar.

Amarillo is made from late harvest “last pick” chiles, which are the hottest of the bunch. Serious spice meets exotic notes of Mandarin orange and clove. Pair with classic favorites like mac and cheese and sweet barbeque ribs.

Ahumado is a savory sauce with a subtle smoky flavor, showing hints of tamarind and tropical ripe mango. Best served with meats and wild game, or cool cheeses.

Mayan is the original hot sauce, based on Mateo’s mother’s recipe. The rich golden color is made from peak-of-the-season peppers and crisp, fresh carrots. The bright, tangy notes of lemon and plum pair well with ceviche and tropical dishes.

Verde is made from the first-pick-of-the-season habanero. After being roasted in a drum with oil and garlic, the sauce bears hints of kaffir lime and Gravenstein apple.  Pair with eggs, chorizo, cheeses, and salads for a lovely spicy-floral accent to your dishes.


Each habanero sauce is 5 oz

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