Hand Cultivator

Claw back your garden.



Literally 'claw' back control of your garden with the hand cultivator, a fearsome, three-tined hand tool which is perfectly designed for loosening border and vegetable patch soil prior to planting and it equally adapts at removing weeds and other unwanted plants and debris. 

About Sneeboer: We use Sneeboer tools everyday at SHED’s HomeFarm, and consider them the highest-quality garden tools on the market. Hand-forged in Holland from top-grade stainless steel, fitted with sturdy FSC-certified hardwood handles, and sharpened and finished by hand, each tool carries a lifetime guarantee. 

Learn more in our Sneeboer Tool Guide.

Keep your tool in excellent condition with the Sneeboer Maintenance Kit!


Length of head : 2.75" Length of handle : 3.5" Total length : 5.5"


Keep dry. Clean blade and handle with linseed oil. We recommend the Sneeboer maintenance kit to keep your tool in excellent condition.

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