Hand Hoe

Ergonomic and easy to use.



Our hand-forged hoes are made specially for either left- or right-handed gardeners. Angled so that the longer side of the blade aligns with your dexterity, this allows you to cut the ground with greater precision. Beautiful cherry wood handles. Choose left-handed or right-handed.

"I love the Sneeboer Hand Hoe. It’s great for weeding, planting, and you can use it like a trowel. It’s so simple, and it will last for years." -Mary Kelley, Farmer, Valley Oak Farm

About Sneeboer: We use Sneeboer tools everyday at SHED’s HomeFarm, and consider them the highest-quality garden tools on the market. Hand-forged in Holland from top-grade stainless steel, fitted with sturdy FSC-certified hardwood handles, and sharpened and finished by hand, each tool carries a lifetime guarantee. 

Learn more in our Sneeboer Tool Guide.


18" x 5" x 3"

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