Ice Cream Scoop

The easiest way to scoop ice cream since 1935



Made three quarters of a century ago, this ice cream scoop is still the most well constructed scoop around. Beloved for its durability, practicality, and simplicity, it creates a bigger looking portion by eliminating compression, which gives you up to 20 percent more scoops of ice cream per gallon.

This revolutionary design was the inspiration of Sherman Kelly of Toledo, Ohio. As the story goes, Kelly was vacationing in West Palm Beach, Florida, when he observed a young woman dipping ice cream. Noticing the blisters on her hand, he set out to find a better way to serve ice cream, which resulted in the patent for this ice cream scooper.

Crafted from aluminum, with heat conductive fluid sealed within the handle.


7" long


Wash by hand, and avoid temperatures above 140°F.

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