Japanese Staples Set

For the well-flavored pantry.



These Japanese essentials should always be on hand. Set includes Koda Farms Heirloom Whole Grain Brown Kokuho Rose Rice, Kentucky-grown Bluegrass Soy Sauce, and a medium-hot seven-spice blend of our favorite SHED Shichimi Togarashi.
Rice: Slow-grown from proprietary seeds on California’s oldest family-owned rice mill and farm. Whole grain with bran layer intact, tender but substantial with a light floral flavor and naturally sweet afternote. Certified Organic by CCOF, Certified Kosher by KSA, GMO-free, Gluten-free, no additives.

Soy Sauce: Handcrafted in small-batches. Uses only Kentucky-grown, non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and limestone-filtered Kentucky spring water. Fermented and aged in re-purposed bourbon barrels. Flavor is smoky with hints of oak and a mild sweetness.

Shichimi Togarashi- a traditional Japanese blend of hot, citrus, sea, and nutty flavors. Use it to spice or marinate. Medium-hot.


Rice 1lb Soy Sauce 100ml Shichimi 2oz

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