June Taylor Tomato Ketchup

Fresh from a kitchen in Berkeley, California



June Taylor credits this as “the freshest, most flavorful, tastiest ketchup you will ever put in your mouth,” and we don’t disagree.

To make this ketchup, June starts with organic, dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes to which she adds sugar, white wine vinegar, and secret spices. The result is sweet, spicy, and zesty, with bold tomato flavor.

From her kitchen in Berkeley, California, June Taylor takes advantage of the abundance and variety of local, sustainably grown fruit and her English heritage to produce an array of delicious products for your pantry. She uses the best seasonally available fruits, making every attempt to stay local and organic. She is interested in high quality and good flavor, adding only minimal amounts of sugar and zero pectin to her hand-cut fruit.


11 oz

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