Kikuichi Full-tang Knives

Hand-hammered Steel.

$226.00 - $330.00


These full-tang knives are made of extremely hard steel, hand-hammered with several layers of softer steel to create a unique dimple pattern which helps the blade easily glide through food. The ebony handle is triple-riveted and weighted perfectly in the hand.

Paring knife features a 5.5” blade, and is ideal for prepping salad or slicing meat. The 8” chef’s knife is recommended for heavier work such as cutting joints.

Crafted in Japan by Kikuichi, a family company with a seven-hundred year tradition of knife making. Each knife is stamped with the traditional chrysanthemum flower and worked on by no less than six different artisans.


Paring: 5.5" blade, 9.5" overall Chef: 8" blade, 13.25" overall


Hand wash.

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