Merdacotta Hexagonal Trivet

Made of Merda



Made of cow dung for the table, this hexagonal trivet is crafted from Merdacotta, a trademarked material that has been fired and crystallised, making them lighter and more resistant to the cold than similar products would be in a terracotta not marked with the prefix ‘merda.’

The concept of creating vases from this material stems from the underlying principles of recycling and rebirth which are core to the colorfully named Shit Museum brand. These are objects that redesign the cycle of nature in a virtuous circle, constituting essential elements of contemporary living.

The Shit Museum was founded in 2015 by the Italian agricultural entrepreneur Gianantonio Locatelli and a group of associates. The team developed their idea at a dairy farm in the province of Piacenza, where 3,500 cows who produce around 50,000 annual litres of milk also produce 150,000 kilos of dung.



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