Omnivore Vulcano Hot Sauces

Add a dash here and there



Vulcano Classic is a vibrantly red hot sauce, not too mild or too spicy, full of tang, natural sweetness, and heat.

With a medium spice level and a bright, tangy flavor, Vulcano Ginger is a great dipping sauce and an everyday condiment too.


Each bottle takes a day to produce, made in small batches in California. Pairings for this versatile sauce are nearly limitless; splash over eggs and potatoes for some added heat, complement raw oysters with a few drops on top, or elevate a cocktail with some extra spice.

Omnivore was founded by Angelo Garro at the end of 2013, thanks to the enthusiastic support of thousands of Kickstarter contributors and the San Francisco food community. Known for his role in Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Angelo is a master blacksmith by trade and a passionate hunter, forager, cook, and Slow Food icon.

All Omnivore products are made using only 100% organic, GMO free ingredients.


5 fl

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