Railway Cast Iron Frying Pan

Virtually indestructible



Made in the Netherlands using traditional techniques that date back to the 17th-century, this frying pan is premium quality and meant to stand the test of time. The 100% recycled iron with an extra-thick bottom ensure perfect heat distribution, while the stain-resistant enamel coating prevents chipping and prolongs the life of the pan.

An FSC-certified wooden handle adds another eco-friendly touch to the design. Like all Combekk cast iron products, this fry pan is suitable to use alongside all heat sources, from induction to gas or electric.


11" X 11"


Seasoning cast iron cookware is necessary to maintain its ongoing non-stick surface and to prevent the pot or pan from rusting. If seasoned correctly, your cast iron cookware can last a lifetime. Pots come lightly oiled with canola oil and require pre-seasoning by heating for three hours in an oven before use. Wash the cast iron cookware with warm water and soap. Scrub using a scouring pad to remove the wax or oily coating. Soak in hot, soapy water for five minutes, then wash off the soap and air dry. Season with Oil.

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