SHED Fleur de Sel

From the SHED Pantry



Fleur de sel is one of those touches, like good quality olive oil, that can transform an ordinary meal into a culinary experience. It is a delicate, hand-harvested salt that forms as a thin flower-patterned crust on the surface of seawater.

Chef's Notes: Because of its delicate nature, fleur de sel is not meant for seasoning a dish while you cook it. Instead, sprinkle it on anything that needs a little flavor boost right before it's served, like salads, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, and dessert.

SHED Pantry is an in-house collection of flavors inspired by our café kitchen, elevated by the palate of Culinary Director Perry Hoffman. A thoughtfully developed line of spices, powders, salt blends, peppers, preserves, pickles, and shrubs, SHED Pantry offers high-quality culinary essentials for the home cook.


3.9 OZ

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