Simple Tortilla Press, Birch

"You start with a good tortilla" - Diana Kennedy



Tortilla, or little cake, was the name given to flat bread found amongst the Aztec in sixteenth century Mexico. The fresh, homemade flavor complements an array of dishes from tacos to arepas, and this simple press provides just the right leverage for turning balls of masa into perfect tortilla rounds.

"People don’t know what a good tortilla is. You start with a good tortilla..." says Diana Kennedy, the reigning dama of Mexican cooking.

Designed in Healdsburg from wood and steel, this handsome birch press is professional quality, crafted with locally sourced materials. Also available in Oak.

As featured in the Goop 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

Read our post Making Tortillas at Home and Making Masa: Recipe.


12" x 8" x 2"


Hand-wash using mild dish soap, and towel dry before using. Once dried, apply one or two coats of board butter. Protect your press from extended heat, cold and moisture.

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