Smithey Cast Iron Skillet, 10"

Heritage cast iron



Inspired by the quality and utility of Wagner Ware and Griswold cast iron, Isaac Morton started Smithey Ironware to offer those same qualities in Smithey skillets. Each piece is cast in an 80 year-old foundry in Indiana and finished in a workshop in South Carolina. Pre-seasoned, with a glassy-smooth polished surface, Smithey skillets are perfect for searing meats, roasting small birds and baking. This is cookware made to be hot and provide a lifetime of delicious service.

Also available in 12

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Before your first use, lightly rinse with warm water. We recommend cooking your first few dishes with a higher fat content. To clean, we recommend a light scrubbing with warm water. For stubborn remnants, a touch of dish soap and a scouring pad will do the trick. It is important to thoroughly dry your skillet after each use, and wipe down with a light layer of vegetable oil.

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