Staub Essential French Oven, White

Intended for slow-simmering



Founded in 1974 by Francis Staub, the French Oven in white has become a staple in the commercial and private kitchens of professional chefs and home cooks. With the depth of a saute pan and sides of a skillet, this vessel is intended for slow-simmering soups, tagines and stews.

The heavy, cast iron maintains temperatures for even cooking, and the enameled bottom is smooth and safe to use on any cooktop, including glass induction stoves. Small knobs on the self-basting lid attract condensation and moisture, which are then returned to the food for the ultimate flavor.

Oven safe up to 500 degrees.


3.75 qt; 9.5" x 5.75"


Dishwasher safe. Cool before washing, and remove stubborn stains by soaking in hot, soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly before storage. Avoid steel wool or abrasive materials.

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