Unglazed Large Roaster

One of the oldest known methods of cooking



This traditional unglazed terracotta roaster, known as a "four crétois”, is one of the oldest known methods of cooking, dating back to Roman times. Ideal for roasting turkey, chicken, and vegetables in their own juices, with no burned bits. The high-domed lid allows air to circulate while keeping heat and steam in, preserving all the flavor and juice in your ingredients that might otherwise evaporate.

 Founded in 1875, Poterie Digoin originated as a family founded business in the northern Loire valley, quickly establishing itself as the heart of the French kitchen. Each piece of Digoin stoneware is hand-shaped and glazed by artisans, bringing a bit of tradition into the modern home.

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15" x 9.5" 7.5"


Before using the first, and every, time: Immerse both parts of the roaster in cold water, and soak for 10 minutes. During use: Place in a cold oven, never pre-heated, and use at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not add cold liquids once the vessel is hot. Handle with oven gloves or mitts, as the vessel will become extremely hot. After use: Rinse in warm water without detergent. For stubborn food stains, use hot water without detergent, and a gentle cleaning brush. Dry completely before use.

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