Wine Forest Dried Mushrooms

Mushrooms at your leisure

$11.50 - $43.00


The fresh season for wild mushrooms is brief, and dried mushrooms are a convenient way to enjoy them whenever you please!

Dried chanterelles from Oregon are ideal for infusing flavor into soups, stews, stocks, and sauces. These Wine Forest Dried Chanterelles have a mild, earthy mushroom flavor with a hint of dried apricot, and will rehydrate with an wonderful intensity of flavor.

Dried morels from Montana maintain their shape and structure magnificently so they can be stuffed, and there are many French chefs who prefer them to fresh.  A small amount of these morels rehydrated, sautéed, and incorporated into a sauce brings intense flavor to steaks, chops, or pasta.  

The dried porcini are picked and dried in Northern California. Rich in flavor, once tender they are ready for a quick sauté and to be added to everything, from endless pasta sauces, to soups. Porcini will elevate something as simple as meatloaf into something extraordinary.



Chanterelles: .96 OZ Porcini: .08 OZ Wild Morels: .9 OZ

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